Cook’d and Bomb’d. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Tags Login Register. Sorry for the delay in writing a report. Yeah the show is brilliant. Usual first half where the league are in tuxedos and second half in character. Started with an announcement of them being late and then came on stage as legz a kimbo. Second half was something else though!

The League of Gentlemen, Series 2

Part of the British Comedy Collection The League of Gentlemen is a quartet of writers, and in this sitcom is it more sketchy or sitcomy? From shopkeeper serial killers to a transsexual taxi driver, and even a vicar who hates religion There are so many characters, and most of them are played by three of the writers, and even the non-acting member of the group appears in cameo roles throughout the series, like here, where he buys lighters from Les McQueen

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There can be only one: The League of Gentlemen

I was nervous. Everyone else had asked questions about his writing, complimented his performances and asked about the upcoming series of Inside No 9. What he really said was much more blue but very jovial and the audience all laughed. It turns out The League Of Gentlemen has a timelessness to it and a special place in the hearts of comedy fans that no other show, before or since, could possibly fill. So what is it about The League Of Gentlemen that fans love so much?

Surely the answer is in its brilliant writing.

Olive Kilshaw works at Attachments Dating Agency. In her solo appearance she attempts to create.

There are many comedy actors with close links to the county. He moved to Derby as a 13 year old, joining the 3rd year at the all-boys school. He initially trained as an accountant in Derby — but he also joined the Derby Shakespeare Company, appearing at the Derby Playhouse with them. Who can forget the three-seater bicycle and Kitten-Kong?

His early film career included the Doctor series such as Doctor in the House and Doctor at Sea, which made him one of the most popular British film stars of the s. His training in helped him in his role in the D-Day landings where he worked with the Army Intelligence Photographic Unit. Moving away from the silver screen and on to the printed word, children around the globe for generations have laughed at the tales by the wonderful Roald Dahl.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda are just two of his creations, but who knew that Dahl, born in Wales to Norwegian parents was educated for a time at Repton School? Another author whose writings have often reduced me to tears — is Chesterfield born Derek Longden. Instead of words, cartoonist Bill Tidy is famous chiefly for his comic strips. Born in Cheshire, Bill now lives in Boylestone, near Ashbourne.

The League Of Gentlemen: celebrating a work of comedy genius

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The League of Gentlemen Series 3 Episode 1 Doctor Scene 7. By Bruce Austen Attachments dating agency – The League of Gentlemen – BBC comedy

Inside No. Both are brilliant comedic and dramatic actors, having appeared in many TV shows and films down the years. If you have never seen Inside No. It is an exceptional anthology series with six standalone episodes per season. Individual episodes feature a whole host of different characters and actors each time.

As per the prior seasons, the latest one is absolutely brilliant.

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Sensitive, yet hilarious dating agency worker, Olive adds another sad punter to her books. Technorati Tags: agency , BBC , black , british , campy , central , channels , classic , Comedy , dark , dating , find , funny , gentlemen , hilarious , humor , humour , impressions , jokes , league , love , of , series , sketch , skits , types. This was the 1st … This was the 1st League sketch I ever saw, and what got me hooked on the series.

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I am usually not one to give Top lists in a particular order when it comes to anything but ask me about my favourite Comedy Series and the answer is 8 out of 10 times clear: The League of Gentlemen. What follows is a very long, very dull ode to the best comedy-series of all times, the individual Gentlemen and my first aspirations as a writer. Everyone else who is apparently mad, enjoy the entry. Plus, Joby Talbot does the soundtrack and he is amazing.

Everyone involved with this show is amazing. I wanted to become a writer since I can write, and no, this is no grand exaggeration, I wanted to be a forklift-driver when I was three years old our kindergarten visited a warehouse once because that is what kindergartens did in the GDR and when I was six I wanted to be a writer. By the way, the Gents came up with a lot of their characters by playing around with cotton balls and tape to change their faces.

It makes for one hell of a Halloween-costume. Anyways, for a very long time I tried to write all kinds of genres.

Live Again!

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Olive Kilshaw works at Attachments Dating Agency. In her solo appearance she attempts to create a profile for the introvert Ian Cashmore. Olive is normal for someone from Royston Vasey. She has black curly hair with light make-up and she has a light confident voice with an honesty that maybe doesn’t help the weird clients she’s tried to help. Olive works with Ian to hopefully find him a date. She reads the things he wants for his date. She then gives Ian a set of questions and goes from what she feels from his hesitant behaviour.

The League Of Gentlemen: Live Again!

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Attachments dating agency – The League of Gentlemen – BBC comedy By Isidore Mansfield. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 2 Review

Still going about their bizarre business in Royston Vasey are obsessively tidy toad-lovers Harvey and Val, porcine local shop-keepers Edward and Tubbs, sadistic Pauline with her pens, sinister butcher Hilary with his ‘special’ packages, unfortunate vet Dr Chinnery, Barbara the unisex taxi driver and ageing rocker Les McQueen. A new charity shop run by the extremely deaf Vinnie and Reenie has also opened up, the Mayor has a town-wide nose-bleeding epidemic on his hands and Royston Vasey is playing host to some seriously odd visitors: Papa Lazarou, the scary gypsy showman who collects wives; and Herr Lipp, the German exchange teacher with an eye for the boys.

Alles klar? View in iTunes. Papa Lazarou’s Pandemonium Carnival comes to town. Papa Lazarou sends his dwarves into the Local Shop to put up a poster. Tubbs takes them for children but Edward thinks they are monsters. He sweeps them from the shop with a broom. Royston Vasey’s nosebleed epidemic continues. One young visitor to the Ice Cream Van is confused when his cone arrives dribbled with red sauce even though he didn’t ask for any.

But the source of the sauce isn’t sauce — it’s the Ice Cream Man’s nose. Royston Vasey also receives a visit from the flamboyant Herr Lipp and his students, who are on an exchange visit from Duisberg. Herr Lipp has an exciting program of events planned for them including walking around Royston Vasey and…walking around Royston Vasey.

League of Gentlemen: The Dentons House Rules – BBC